About Us

The Sensations are a dynamic four piece musical group whose musical presentation will definitely get your attention. With their rich, full vocals, melodic solos and intricate beats, it is evident that these guys work extremely well together. This latest version of the group has only been together in this form since 2009; yet their chemistry is true to preserving the rich, musical—fifteen year history of the group. The Sensations can morph between standards, oldies, rock, R &B and Motown as well as dance tunes and ballads of today. They have developed into one of the most sought after bands in the area.

All of the band members are accomplished musicians and recording artists who have been celebrated both locally and nationally. John Rongo (guitarist/vocalist) was a member of Menagerie–a successful rock band in the late seventies who had recording contracts, a popular night club and clothing store. John left Menagerie and joined up with Larry Paoletta (drummer/programmer/vocalist) to form the group Savannah–another very successful regional group who worked six nights a week consistently for a number of years. In the nineties, John and Larry joined Chip Byers (bassist/guitarist/vocalist) in the group The Five Sensations.

Although the group has evolved, John, Chip and Larry have been the anchors of this group and haven’t missed a beat since then. Jeff Green, (lead vocalist/saxophonist) who has performed with many local and national R&B and Gospel acts, was added in 2009.

This combination was an instant success; and The Sensations quickly gained a lead spot in the local dance club market. Some say that this phenomenal group has never been better! So, when you’re looking for top entertainment for your special event, don’t just make it a great event…make it sensational with The Sensations!

Available for corporate, private and club venues as well as weddings.